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advertise your ayurvedic sex medicine
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Ayurvedic Medicines that are used for treatment to enhance libido/sex desire are known as 'Vajikarma Aushadhis' or aphordisiacs.

    * Ayurvedic medicines: Vanari Gutika, Madanananda Modak, Veerya starnbha Vati, Makardhwaja, chandrodaya Rasa, Apatyakar Swaras, Shukra Vallabh Rasa, Kameshwar Modak, Gokhru Pak, Chhoohara hak, Moosali Pak, Badam Pak, Kamadeva chooran, Gokhshurad Chooran, Narsigha Choorna, Madan Prakash chooran, Shatvaryadi choorna, Mritsanjeevani Sura etc are beneficial in impotence.
    * Diet Plans: Eat a healthy diet which includes high protein content, eggs, fish ghee, butter, soyabean, green vegetables, fruits, almond and other dry fruits.
    * Other useful measures include avoidance of smoking and alcohol consumption, limit the amount of fat and cholesterol in your diet and do regular physical exercise.
A person who is not able to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for mutually satisfying relationship is known as klaibya or dhajabhanga. All classic and collection Ayurveda deals with fertility, sexuality, problems and solutions, as well as positive health in a separate chapter known as tantra vajikarana. Description on klaibya vajikarana and are available throughout the period running from the Vedas to the present day and tantra text.Aim vajikarana goal of Ayurveda is very clear and complete, ie, procreation and recreation. This includes the treatment of the mind and body.Next to the need for food, water and sleep, sexual desire is the most potent biological unit. The importance of this aspect of human life is duely recognized by Ayurvedic authority in a separate section is known vajikarana tantra. The inability to perform normal sexual desire and a willing partner is unable to have intercourse with her due to lack of penile rigidity. Even if you manage to get an erection, your anxiety cause attacks of breathlessness and sweating and his attempts to have sex will lead to Vatsayan failure.Maharshi "Kamsutra" is the famous book primarily related sexology and Charak samhita reecreative describes both procreative and recreational.
1.Sex is an integral part of our daily habits (Dina charya)
2.The ideal time for intimacy is at night, about two hours after dinner
3.An absolutely satisfying sexual union, when developed over time, gives you and your partner with health and vitality.
4.For best results, each of the partners should be physically and emotionally with the other.
5.Touch, smell, food, music and ambience play a vital role in developing, increasing and prolonging intimacy.
6.Sex pervert or unsatisfactory has adverse effects on mental and physical health, and that aggravates the functional elements (doshas) and reduces immunity.
7.Foods such as milk and meat soup boiled rice with ghee, oil, meat juice, sugar and honey improves sexual stamina for men and women.
8.Talking about their needs, desires and concerns with the partner can bring the couple closer together and help enjoy better sexual intimacy.
9.Ayurveda recommends the intake of cheese, milk, eggs and coconut milk to enhance sexual desire.


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