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Naturally increase your sex power

put deshi muga or coral in ring finger 
Diet: Diet rich in protein is a very rich fuel for sexual energy. Zinc and vitamin B-Complex is also very important for sex. Avoid excessive salt intake and diet rich in saturated fats. Excercise: It is a very common conception that heavy body builders have more sexual power than those who are lean and thin. This a completely wrong conception.. A man with lean and thin physique may be very active sexually than a man with muscular and showman body. Even moderate and light exercise can help to increase the sex power greatly. On the contrary a wrongly done heavy exercise done without any supervision can badly affect a man's sex life. Se the next time you hit the gym... be sure not to overdo... In fact a 30 minute jogging or running and simple pushups can do wonders for your sex power if done correctly.
 Lifestyle: Avoid sedentry lifestyle. Try to be as physically active as possible. A lazy lifestyle can lead to numerous medican problems like diabetes and obesity which are known to be killing your sex life.
 Keep away from anxiety, tension and excessive workload.
do kapalbhati prayanam for 5 min. daily
 Live life with energy and enthusiasm. Follow your dreams, indulge in yur hobbies as often as you can and enjoy the things you like in your life. Happy people are said to enjoy sex more than those who are tensed.
Take a glass full of milk daily, preferably with 2-4 pcs of dates.
Grind equal quantity of almonds, apricot and cashew with dates and take it with a spoonful of honey in the morning. It is very good for increasing sex power.
Milk of camel is considered as a wonderful medicine to increase sex power.
Take 5 grams of pure mucus prurient powder with a glass of milk daily to increase sex power and enjoy having sex till old age.
Alovera juice is also very effective in increasing the sex power.

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