How To Increase Pennis Size

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If you P enis Size is less than 6.9 inch than you use this formula first of all take Sperm purifier which is tell by me in before articular in this blog. Second take 100ml sesame seed oil(Til ka tel) 100ml  Kalaunji oil (small fennel/nigella seed) and 1ml Dhatura ext.(datura stramonium) or Dhatura seed oil mix this all in glass container and take 7 carter Indian Coral which is orange in color put this coral in this container then tight the container put this container in sun light for one month; then after one month it is ready to use fist see any xx movie and then take 10ml oil from container massage your P enis to uplift but do not discharge in one hour;do this for one month;this will defiantly increase your P enis Size up to5inch in one month.
Ayurvedic Medicine for Increasing P enis Size and Thickness naturally
Pennis Enlargement Without Surgery

OK enjoy sex life and never forget Great GOD & Ayurveda and me also.

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