How To Increase Sexual Energy By Meditation

You can lasting longer in bed with help of Meditation, naturally Sex & spirituality Guide to better sex Discover the liberating joys of spiritual sex
Meditation on swadhishthana chakra daily 20 minutes and feel the sound vaam in swadhishthana chakra and you will get great power of sex.The swadhishthana chakra is located in the sushumna nadi in the genital area. In the physical body it controls the kidneys, lower abdomen, and sex organs. Its element is water. There is a white crescent moon in its center within which is the bija mantra vaam. It has six vermilion petals which have the mantras bam, bham, mam, yam, ram, and lam written on them in the color of lightning.if you have problems with the sexual arousal, the physical improvement of this aspect will allow you to focus also on the emotional and psychological component.Learning a method to keep your normal and healthy functioning of your genitals, and in the presence of the other components - love, attraction, respect, security, and proper mental stimulus - the erotic act that you will experience will be the most pleasurable ever.Sexual energy is one of the most powerful types of bioelectric energy. These for pleasure.According to the Taoism, we, as human beings need to feel the sexual arousal daily, as it represents the life-giving force of sexual energy.The more we become aware of this energy and we learn how to direct it, the better we become capable of perceiving this rejuvenating energy at any moment.

 मूलबन्ध का ठीक – ठीक अभ्यास गुदा एवं जननेन्द्रिय पर प्राण एवं अपान पर नियन्त्रण प्रदान करता है विपरीतकरणी मुद्रा का ठीक -ठीक अभ्यास युवावस्था प्रदान करता है । अश्विनी मुद्रा गुह्यरोगों का नाश करने वाली , अकालमृत्यु को दूर करने वाली तथा बल एवं पुष्टि को प्रदान करने वाली है ।
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